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This page will infrom you about Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms. Please contact our pastor for more informaiton. 


Our Pastor will determine (after a pre-marital meeting) when weddings will be conducted in the church and report them to the Church Council.  

The date and time of the wedding must be cleared through the church calendar. Off-site ceremonies are dependent on the pastor's schedule. Church members have priority for reservations.


Custodian: $75.

Organist: $150. ($50. additional for soloist)

Non-Member church use: $150.

Reception Space: $75.

Pastor: $200.

[bulletin and candles have seperate fees}

* All fees paid to the pastor at rehearsal

Conatct our Pastor for more information.


The funeral director or family member should contact our Pastor directly to set dates and times for funerals or memorial services at the church or at the funeral home.

Services conducted at the church fees:

Custodian: $50.

Organist: $100.

Pastor: $150.

Receptions can be hosted by our Health & Service Team for a donation of $75-$100. Our pastor will help with the arrangements. 

Contact our Pastor for more information.


We believe that Baptism is a visible sign of the love we receive from a seemingly invisible God. It is the sign and seal of one’s entering into the faith community that we call body of Jesus Christ, namely the Church. The Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) tells us that Jesus, through his own Baptism, identified himself with the community of God’s children in order to fulfill the will of God. In Baptism, the one baptized ceremonially participates in the death and resurrection of Jesus in that he or she dies to what separates him or her from God (namely, sin) and is raised to newness of life in Jesus Christ.


If you are considering baptism for yourself or your child we encourage you to speak to our pastor!

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