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Spring or Winter?

As I sit in my office and look out the window, the weather has me confused. Is it spring, with warm weather and flowers poking their heads up? Or is it still winter, with snow flakes falling and cold weather?

The weather appears to be as confused as I feel about my schedule at this point: what day of the week is it? Do I go in to the office today or stay home? Do I take the dogs with me or leave them home - which neither one likes at this point?

Yesterday I was asking myself, "Is it really Sunday? Sure doesn't feel like it! I miss my church family!"

All of our routines have been turned upside down and inside out during this time period of isolating ourselves in order to slow down the spread of CODIV-19. And as I have had interaction with people in the health field, it is very important to isolate ourselves as much as possible!

However, we, at United Church of Phelps, are going to be on a schedule starting this afternoon. I have a subscription to Zoom, which is an online meeting forum, so that small groups can continue to meet while everyone stays at home. Whispers of Hope afternoon group will be testing this out this afternoon and hopefully, if it all works well, will be a weekly meeting again. If you would like to join the Whispers of Hope meeting (either in the afternoon or in the evening), let me know and I will get you set up. I still have 4 books in my office that I can drop off to you if you want to join us.

I am willing to do other small groups this way as well, so that we all can touch base with one another and think about something other than being isolated. Bible study. Book groups. Prayer time. Anything you want to do we can do online or by phone call now. Please let me know! Stay safe and stay healthy! God bless! Ellen


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