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For the past several months, my dogs have been letting me know that I have been leaving them too much. The latest attempt to get me to stay home was initiated by Risna, my Icelandic Sheepdog, who has total meltdowns when I try to leave the house. So I have been bringing them in with me to the office and they have been making friends.

Today the governor signed a bill stating that all non-essential workers are to work at home. Somehow, if dogs can have dreams or wishes, I think my two just had them fulfilled.

I saw a post on Facebook this week with a similar sentiment only including cats. It went something like this: Dogs are excited because their humans will be home all the time with them. Cats are disgusted because their humans will be home all the time with them. LOL!

Sort of like introverts and extroverts. Those who like quiet and being alone when they are tired are elated to have time at home. Those who need to be with people when they are tired are dreading this time.

No matter where you fall on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, we now are in a new mode of living - staying put in order to stay healthy. We can do this! Work on your hobbies. Clean out the basement and pack things up for the Whale of a Sale (date to be determined). Read a book. Try new recipes. Pray intentionally at a particular time each day. Phone your neighbors or elderly members of the congregation. Watch a movie on Netflix. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.

And always remember: God never changes. God won't abandon us but will watch over us. Let us be the body of Christ to others during these days of constant change! God bless! Ellen

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