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Imagine working your way through fur coats in a wardrobe and finding yourself stepping in snow! And a short way off, you see a lamppost shining brightly. Not the expected thing to find in a wardrobe! And yet, light brings hope. Hope for good things. Hope for the known, as opposed to the unknown of the dark.

It is difficult for us to imagine complete darkness today because we have lights all over the place. In fact, in trying to see stars in the sky, one almost has to go out into the country somewhere where there are less lights to keep us from seeing them. I can't imagine how disorienting complete darkness must be. How do you know which direction you are facing? How do you know what is in front of you or behind you - or on either side of you or above you or below you?

And darkness doesn't just come without the presence of light. Darkness can come in other forms, like the darkness of the soul when you feel like God is not with you. Or depression when it seems like you will never again be without feeling in a pit mentally. Or other trials of life.

Lucy is not in a bad place mentally without light. She knows she is in the wardrobe, exploring. There is a sense of excitement. Who knew there would be a forest here? Who knew there would be a lamppost? What else will she find? Where is this place?

Coming upon the lamppost must have been even more curious to her. What is the lamppost doing in the back of the wardrobe in a forest that shouldn't be there? And this lamppost appears to be different from those in her real world, for this lamppost never goes out and never needs to be relit. It is the only thing to endure the White Witch's winter. How can that be?

John 1:3 says: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.

The light shines in the darkness of the winter that the White Witch has created, but the darkness cannot overcome it, put it out, or take away the hope that the light gives. Right at the beginning of this story, we are given hope even as we learn more about Narnia.

I light a candle every day when I do my devotions to remind myself that Jesus is the Light of the world and with the Light, all is not hopeless - even if sometimes it seems that way. Christmas tree lights, lights in the yard, Advent wreaths - all can be reminders to us of the Light and the hope that come with the birth of Jesus Christ. All is not forsaken. God does care about us and has not abandoned us.

Watch for the Light in the world today. For surely, even during this pandemic, even during the political tension in our country, even if we are struggling in some way - all is not forsaken for God has sent His Son, the Light, into the world to remind us of His love! Think about it!

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