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Belief in the Unbelievable

What do you do when you are faced with a situation that seems unbelievable? Such as:

-someone has an incurable disease but is healed

-someone receives money through the mail they weren't expecting and it is just enough to pay their bills

-a couple is told they will not be able to conceive a child and find themselves pregnant

The Bible is full of stories of the unbelievable. Mary, a teenager, a nobody in that society, becomes pregnant with God's Son. Moses, a murderer, is chosen to lead the people out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Paul, who is determined to kill or at least imprison all Christians, becomes one of the leaders in the early church. Abraham and Sarah are close to 100 years of age and are told they will have a son. How do you believe such unbelievable stories?

Lucy returns to the Professor's house full of tales of Mr. Tumnus, a faun, and this magical land of Narnia. It is no wonder that Peter and Susan, the older children, find it difficult to believe that this is anything more than just a fairy tale. Edmund is more open to believing his sister, but is too absorbed in himself to admit it.

When Peter and Susan become too worried about Lucy, they decide to talk to the Professor. They wonder if Lucy is going crazy. But the Professor asks them a different question: Why are they afraid to believe Lucy? Lucy has never been one to tell fanciful stories in the past. There is no reason NOT to believe her - but Narnia seems too unbelievable to them.

Haverkamp says "Advent is a time to step into a world of imagination and wonder. It's easy to be cynical about the holidays, but if we can allow ourselves to feel some deep delight or let our imaginations run wild in the wonder or even the silliness of the season, we might be surprised into seeing both ourselves and God's world differently."

God sent His Son to take the form of a human baby??? Sounds rather crazy if you ask me. And yet, our faith is based on this very fact. God cared enough about us to use a virgin as the mother of His Son, angels visible to shepherds to announce His Son's birth to the lowest of the low in that society, and magi traveling a long way with expensive gifts to give to a baby who is a king. Unbelievable....

Is Advent a season of imagination and impossibilities for you? How has this year's Advent impacted your faith?

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