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The United Church of Phelps is a union of two historic Churches existing in the village of Phelps, New York since the 1850’s.  The Methodist Church sat in a hillside on the west side of the village, directly in front of Resthaven Cemetery.  The Presbyterian Church was located just east of the village business section on the corner of North Wayne Street. For over a hundred years the people of these Churches worked side by side during the week but on Sunday they went their separate ways.

In the 1970’s some of the membership of each Church met and began to talk of coming together as one strong community Church.  The Church would continue their ties to the two denominations but they would pool their resources in order to meet the needs of the people in the village and people in the world.  The Presbyterian Church had lots of room.  The Methodist Church needed more room but building a new Church was not fiscally possible.  It was a difficult decision to make for many hearts were tied to what had always been their Church.


In 1974 The United Church of Phelps was born.  Thirty-five years later this toddler has grown into a happy well- adjusted adult!

The stained glass windows that formerly fit the windows in the narthex of the Methodist Church fit perfectly in the window frames in the narthex of the Presbyterian Church.  The people fit together just as perfectly.

Our Denominations

We Are Presbyterians - A Member Church of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Synod of the Northeast and Presbytery of Geneva.

We Are United Methodist - A Memebr Church of the United Methodist Church, Upper New York Annual Conference and Finger Lakes District.

Here are some links to help you know more about us:

​Syod of the Northeast


​Presbytery of Geneva

Upper New York Annual Conference

Finger Lakes District

Our Church Vision

“We will become a worship and prayer center of the community where all people build thriving relationships with Jesus Christ; find Christian love, support and fellowship; and worship God freely!”

Our Core Values

  • Worship: We believe worshiping God is essential. Our worship will be celebrative, culturally relevant and biblical sound.


  • Prayer: We have a heart and passion for prayer.


  • Fellowship: We believe belonging to and nurturing a community of believers is important to our faith journey.


  • Teaching: We believe that Bible-based Christian education for all ages is foundational to living a life in Jesus Christ.


  • Community Service: We honor God by using our gifts and talents to serve all.


  • Soul Winning: We believe God commands us to reach out and bring others into the life of the church so they may accept God’s presence in their lives.

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