Due to the rise of COVID-19, the church building is now closed.  If you have any need, PLEASE contact Ellen at 315-521-2593 or call the church during church normal hours of operation and speak with Missy. We are here for you! All worship services will be remote until further notice.  We care about your health and safety and are available to you via phone. If you need to enter the building, please call Ellen or Missy to make arrangements. You all are AMAZING and your faith in God is strong. We will persevere and be stronger for it!
~ Church Staff
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Corrections have been made to the Annual Report. This is the final and official copy. There were only minor corrections so you may hand write in corrections or you may request a printed copy from the church office. Thank you to all who contributed to the report, great job, and to those who have been patient with receiving this information.
Thank you All! God bless!
From the 10 Pastor charateristics survey

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